Hederis (pronounced “head-AIR-iss”), comes from the word hedera. Used primarily in ancient greek and latin texts, the hedera was a purely ornamental symbol used to mark a break between paragraphs It can also mean an ecosystem of vines or ivy.

About Our Team

Nellie McKesson, Founder and CEO

Nellie has over a dozen years of experience in publishing. She spent the early years of her career doing hands-on book production and layout, and then moved into more technical and managerial roles. As the market for ebooks began to rise, she taught herself web development and was an early evangelist for using web technologies in the book production process. (You may have seen her speak at a conference about building automated book production tools.)

Zach Schwartz, Founder and Lead Developer

Zach Schwartz is a full-stack software engineer with experience building innovative software for O’Reilly Media, Bloomberg LP, and Google. He holds degrees from University of Chicago and the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, and is passionate about iteratively building great tools and experiences.

Erica Warren, Founder

After getting her B.A. from Vassar College, Erica Warren spent twelve years working in the publishing industry. She began with hands-on book production work at two major publishers, and then turned her attention to improving the efficiency of the workflow itself. In 2016 she earned a M.S. in Data Science from Northwestern University, while she was working with Nellie McKesson at Macmillan Publishers developing their automated typesetting toolchain.