APIs and Integrations

The Hederis platform offers a robust set of API-based tools to help publishers streamline their production processes.

If you’re building your own workflow or toolchain, our services are designed to fit into discrete phases of the process, and can be combined to create an end-to-end production workflow. For example, you can use Hederis APIs to do any of the following:

  • Add semantic tagging to manuscripts
  • Convert Microsoft Word .docx to accessible HTML
  • Convert Microsoft Word .docx to accessible EPUB
  • Convert PDF to accessible HTML
  • Convert HTML or PDF to accessible EPUB
  • Create laid-out pages in HTML, to integrate into your own website or app
  • Create print-ready PDFs from .docx, EPUB, or HTML
  • Convert HTML to Microsoft Word .docx
  • Convert EPUB to Microsoft Word .docx
  • Convert InDesign .idml to Microsoft Word .docx
  • Convert InDesign .idml to HTML
  • Convert InDesign .idml to EPUB

Our tools have been well-tested, and are the backbone of our Hederis book production app, used by publishers every day to create accessible EPUBs and print-ready PDFs ready for distribution.

Email us at info@hederis.com to learn more.


Many workflows require some customization in their processes and transformations. Our team comes from extensive publishing backgrounds and can help make your vision a reality.

Consulting and Development Services

At Hederis, we have decades of experience helping publishers of all sizes tackle technology, production, and workflow challenges—and you can leverage this experience directly by using our consulting and development services.

Contact info@hederis.com to discuss the problems you need to solve. Some projects we’ve worked on include:

  • Needs assessment for your production workflows
  • Custom transformation tools for your workflow
  • Live virtual training sessions
  • In-person training sessions
  • Custom text design templates

Other Partnership Opportunities

Are you interested in collaborating with us in other ways? Let us know what you had in mind: info@hederis.com.