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Become a Beta Testing Partner

Hederis:Typeset will shortly be entering a beta period, which means that we'll be testing the app to get it ready for our official release.

As part of the beta, we're looking for publishing companies to partner with us and use our tools for free, in exchange for providing us feedback and helping us improve the experience for future users. If you're interested, email us at

Here's what we're looking for in a beta testing partner:

  • You are a publishing company. While we think self-publishing is great, we want to work with publishing companies first to build a professional, powerful tool that will help everyone.
  • You primarily publish novels and simple prose. Our tools are being built to target all levels of complexity, but for testing purposes, simpler is better.
  • Your manuscripts are Microsoft Word files (or you can get them into that format).
  • You plan to use Hederis:Typeset to create at least one and up to five books during the beta period. Since this is a testing period for all of us, we're keeping the title counts low so that we can give you all the support you need.
  • You can use Google Chrome as your internet browser. Again, because we want to make sure we can give you all the support you need, we're limiting our testing partnerships to Chrome users only.

What our beta testing partners will get:

  • Free use of our tools. Any project you activate during the beta period is yours for free, forever. Use our full suite of tools and create your final files for distribution, entirely for free.
  • Personalized, guided onboarding. We'll meet with you to talk through your current processes and help you create a plan to fit Hederis into your workflow.
  • Custom style mapping. If you already have a set of tags or Word styles that you use to tag the content in your manuscripts, we'll set up a custom import just for you, to make your styled manuscripts work great in our system.
  • User support. In addition to full access to our documentation and tutorials, you'll get free direct access to our customer support team during the beta period.
  • Downloadable Word files. If for any reason you decide one of your books needs to go through a more manual process, we'll get you a styled Word file (using your house styles, if you have any) that incorporates any changes that were made with our tools.
  • Discounts for 1 full year. After we launch the final app, you'll get a 50% discount on all new projects created during that first year.

If you're interested, or you want to chat more about the beta test, send us an email at

Interested in a formal partnership for Hederis:Convert, instead? We're always open to chatting! Email us at


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