Social Justice Initiative

Our goal for Hederis was to create a program that can enable publishing to be more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective without sacrificing design quality or trade publishing standards.

In recent months, Black Lives Matter and #PublishingPaidMe have highlighted the inequalities in publishing that many have been aware of for quite some time. Many people have been working to address these issues, informed by the work done by Lee and Low, We Need Diverse Books, and the research of Laura B. McGrath. Although we are happy to celebrate recent changes made in the industry, it has been a long time coming and progress towards true inclusion and equality must always be our focus alongside the creation of books.

We know the cause of inequality in publishing, we see it in the day-to-day operations of our work and the overwhelming whiteness of our peers and ourselves. When we decided to launch our app we wanted to do so in support of BIPOC authors and publishers.

Access to publishers and most importantly the tools of the trade are one of the biggest barriers for BIPOC authors and publishers, we hope that by providing access to our tools through this Social Justice Initiative we can show our support for more diversity in publishing.

Publishing has a huge role in any social justice movement, and we at Hederis want to do our part to uplift underrepresented voices. One way we do this is by offering free use of our book layout tool to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) writers and presses. If you are an author self-publishing a book, we want to support you. If you are a new publisher starting up business during a world-wide pandemic, we want to support you. If you are a well-established publisher that wants to try out new tools to support remote collaboration, we want to support you.

We ask that you fill out a quick form to get started with Hederis through this initiative. We are mainly using this form to contact you and get you set up in the Hederis app.

If you are interested in purchasing our services, you can do so through our main page.

Consulting and Development Services

At Hederis, we have decades of experience helping publishers of all sizes tackle technology, production, and workflow challenges—and you can leverage this experience directly by using our consulting and development services.

Contact to discuss the problems you need to solve. Some projects we’ve worked on include:

  • Needs assessment for your production workflows
  • Custom transformation tools for your workflow
  • Live virtual training sessions
  • In-person training sessions
  • Custom text design templates

Other Partnership Opportunities

Are you interested in collaborating with us in other ways? Let us know what you had in mind: