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Both Hederis:Convert and Hederis:Typeset are book layout tools created by publishing professionals, for publishing professionals. With Hederis:Convert, you can upload a Microsoft Word file, and get laid-out print and ebook files in a matter of minutes. Hederis:Typeset has all the power of Hederis:Convert, with an added design and layout interface that allows you to create beautiful, custom book designs for every project, and adjust your page layout right in the browser.

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Automatically convert Microsoft Word files to EPUB, laid-out PDF, and HTML.

  • Microsoft Word-based automation

  • First project is free

  • Convert to PDF, EPUB, HTML

  • Unlimited conversions per project

  • $89 per project Free until 5/7/2019!*

    *Includes up to 5 projects


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Launching Summer 2019


Design and page books right in the browser, and automatically export to PDF, EPUB, and HTML.

  • Full design control

  • Browser-based WYSIWYG design and layout

  • Collaborative work environment

  • First project is free

  • Convert to PDF, EPUB, HTML

  • Unlimited conversions per project


There’s no need to change your editorial workflows. Most publishers work with Microsoft Word, so we do too. Upload a Microsoft Word manuscript, and in a matter of minutes, you can download a laid-out PDF or EPUB file and send it around for review. We’ll also give you updated Word files so that you can keep working in the tools you know.

When you upload the initial Word file, Hederis will add a first pass of tagging and create laid-out files to give you a sense of your final page count. You can then download the new Word file that Hederis creates and send it to your copyeditor to review and adjust the tagging we added and give the text a standard copyedit. When you’re ready for another preview, upload the copyedited Word file to see all the new changes in your laid-out files.

Hederis:Typeset gives you more visual tools to create beautiful custom layouts.

With Hederis:Typeset, you can also choose to make text changes and adjust the tagging right in our app. Share the project with your proofreaders, editors, or other reviewers, and save yourself a few steps of uploading and downloading. And if you’d just rather stick with Word, that’s totally okay! Hederis:Typeset supports all the same features as Hederis:Convert, so you can work in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

Our apps are great for: Hederis:Convert Hederis:Typeset
Print and ebook galleys, ARCs, bound galleys, etc.
Final print and ebook files for straightforward fiction, non-fiction, prose, and poetry.
Print layouts that need a bit more fine-tuning.  
Books with highly-customized designs.  
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Here’s a demo made by our CEO, Nellie McKesson, using Hederis:Convert to create book files for Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

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