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Empowering publishers through automated production

Our cloud-based tools help you quickly turn your content into books and other custom publications that can be exported to PDF, EPUB, and HTML. Whether you are producing an eye-catching advance reader copy, a scholarly monograph, or the next runaway bestseller, Hederis provides the ideal platform.

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Invest in your workflow, without the expense

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We want to help you join the growing number of successful publishers who are investing in their workflow. The Hederis app is ready for you to use out-of-the-box, with built-in support and learning resources so you never have to feel like you’re on your own.

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How it works

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Upload a manuscript

No need to disrupt your authoring or editorial process—you work with Word, so we do too. Once your Word manuscript is ready, simply drag-and-drop it into the Hederis app.

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Structure discovery

Automated workflows depend on good manuscript structure. Our app helps discover your structure and applies tags to get you started. (Not sure what this means? Learn more here.)

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Design your book

Hederis gives you complete control over your book layout and design. Import a design template from another book (or from our pre-made book designs), or create a new design from scratch.

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Review the pages

Generate a PDF (or EPUB) at any stage of the process to circulate to proofreaders and editors. Use the Hederis page layout tools to check line breaks and page breaks and make edits right in the app.

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Publish your book

Export final PDF and ebook files and send them to your manufacturer or distribution channels, and create a snapshot of the final book files for your archive.

Why Switch to Hederis?

Get Books to Market Faster

Access your projects anytime, anywhere, get paged files in minutes, and get final PDF and ebook files at the same time. Our browser-based book design and layout tools are built on standardized HTML and CSS, powered behind the scenes by automation that comes from years of publishing workflow experience.

Create Files that will Last

Workflows change, standards evolve. With Hederis, you get standards-compliant ebooks, print-ready PDFs, styled Word files that can drop into conventional workflows, and well-formed semantic HTML for your website or XML-based tools.

Reduce Bottlenecks

Get a pagecount estimate instantly, see the design in real time and make castoff adjustments, and see your laid-out pages without needing to create a PDF. Our app is built for collaboration, but still lets you keep your workflow stages separate.

Skip the Boring Stuff

Our app comes loaded with tools and shortcuts to speed up or even eliminate those tedious book-making time-sucks. We use AI and pattern recognition to help you tag and design your files, and let you do common book-making tasks with the click of a button.

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