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The easiest way to create
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Hederis is an early-stage startup devoted to removing the roadblocks to automated publishing.

Humans are investing manual work and attention to problems that are rule-based and to learning how to use tools, rather than focusing on the creative aspects of crafting written content.

These non-creative tasks slow down the publishing process and raise the costs involved in creating and distributing content, but in this digital age, content distribution is happening faster and faster in non-traditional formats, and consumers expect lower price points for quality digital content.

Hederis is:

Empowering faster publishing with lower overhead

A simple interface to
powerful transformation tools

AI based on
industry best practices

Removing the barriers to creativity

Hederis is the evolution of tools that haven't changed much since the 1990s.

We combine machine learning and automation with familiar visual tools, removing the roadblocks and frustrations so that publishers can make books faster at lower cost.

Publishers are looking for ways to move faster, save money, and stay competitive in a rapidly-evolving, tech-driven world.

At the same time, publishing staff are struggling to produce more books, keep up with complex tools, and meet tighter deadlines.

We understand your frustrations. We've been there.

Our Founders

Nellie McKesson

  • 10+ years experience in publishing, including hands-on book production, layout, design, ebook coding, building automated publishing tools and supporting users.
  • 5+ years team management experience.
  • Worked on the O'Reilly Atlas team, an in-browser authoring and book production app.
  • Built Macmillan's first automated publishing tool, Bookmaker.
  • Frequent speaking engagements on publishing technology and automation.

Erica Warren

  • MS in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern.
  • 8 years of hands-on experience in managing editorial and book production: author care, copyediting, manuscript markup, proofreading, manufacturing, as well as project management and workflow and process improvement.
  • 5+ years in end-user training and support for publishing workflow and automation tools.
  • 3+ years experience building automated manuscript cleanup and semantic tagging tools.

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