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Intelligent, automated publishing for everyone.

As a book maker, you're crafting a product that's been perfected over centuries, and technology shouldn't get in your way. Hederis gives you book production and design tools to create high-quality print-ready PDFs and ebook files, ready for distribution, in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional book-production processes.

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Built for books, teams, and people

Our tools are built by publishing professionals for real book-making workflows. We give you a suite of intuitive tools centralized in one place, so that each person on your team can do their job and instantly share their work with the other members of their book-making team. And there's no need to become a computer programmer or learn a whole new set of terminology! Our tools reflect our dozens of years of publishing experience, so that you can start making books fast.

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Why Switch to Hederis?

Get Books to Market Faster

Access your projects anytime, anywhere, get paged files in minutes, and get final PDF and ebook files at the same time. Our browser-based book design and layout tools are built on standardized HTML and CSS, powered behind the scenes by automation that comes from years of publishing workflow experience.

Create Files that will Last

Workflows change, standards evolve. With Hederis, you get standards-compliant ebooks, print-ready PDFs, styled Word files that can drop into conventional workflows, and well-formed semantic HTML for your website or XML-based tools.

Reduce Bottlenecks

Get a pagecount estimate instantly, see the design in real time and make castoff adjustments, and see your laid-out pages without needing to create a PDF. Our app is built for collaboration, but still lets you keep your workflow stages separate.

Skip the Boring Stuff

Our app comes loaded with tools and shortcuts to speed up or even eliminate those tedious book-making time-sucks. We use AI and pattern recognition to help you tag and design your files, and let you do common book-making tasks with the click of a button.

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How does Hederis work?

You can use Hederis to easily produce print-ready PDF files or distributable EPUB files from any Word document.

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You get a Microsoft Word file from your author or copyeditor.

Upload your Word file to Hederis.

Hederis automatically makes some guesses about your content, trying to spot things like chapter titles, extracts, epigraphs, etc., and tags them accordingly.

Your book–making team can start to review these tags and changes wherever they need to.

At the same time, a designer can start putting together the book design.

Any changes the designer makes to the content will be shown to the content reviewer, and vice versa

With Hederis:Typeset, your composition team can review the laid-out pages right in their browsers, and adjust any pagebreaks as needed directly in our visual page layout editor.

Page count running longer than planned?

The designer can update the design at any time, and those updates will immediately be reflected in the final pages - no more waiting and guessing what the page count will be.

Create industry-standard PDF and EPUB files at any point in the process to circulate to editors or send the final files to your printer or ebook distributor.

Hederis helps you eliminate technical distractions so that you can publish all the books on your wishlist.

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