Hederis (pronounced “header-iss”), comes from the word hedera. Used primarily in ancient greek and latin texts, the hedera was a purely ornamental symbol used to mark a break between paragraphs It can also mean an ecosystem of vines or ivy.

Our goal is to empower publishers to have control over their processes and intellectual property, keeping their staff employed with fulfilling work that builds real skills.

Some of our driving principles are to:

About Hederis
BISG team award
The Hederis team accepts the 2023 BISG Industry Innovator Award in New York, NY, April 2023.

Hederis was built and is maintained by a collective of people passionate about book publishing. Originally founded by long-time publishing technologist Nellie McKesson in response to seeing many publishers struggle with inefficient and outdated production workflows, Hederis has brought together many people from all aspects of the publishing industry to build tools that solve real publishing issues.