Helping publishers achieve
their workflow goals

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At Hederis, we have decades of experience helping publishers of all sizes tackle technology, production, and workflow challenges—and you can leverage this experience directly with our consulting and development services.

Why Automate?
Publish More

Hederis’s automated tools have reduced production time by up to 50%, enabling your current staff to work on more projects.

Publisher Faster

Shave days or even weeks off your schedule by introducing our optimized solutions.

Save Money

Instead of paying vendors for every book, introduce Hederis’s automated solutions to streamline your budget.

Empower Staff

Let our automated tools handle the tedious work so that staff can focus on creative tasks that require a human touch.

Case Study

Automating a Comic Book Publisher’s Ebook Conversion

Hederis developed an automated conversion workflow to transform PDFs into fixed-layout EPUBs for a large comic book publisher. Our multi-phase solution enabled them to get up-and-running quickly, and included personalized needs assessment, custom code development, and one-on-one training with staff.


Approx. $200,000
per year

Approx. 2,300 man-hours per year

Release ebooks
2 weeks faster

Past Work

  • Automated PDF-to-fixed layout EPUB conversion

  • Automated toolchain to convert documentation into PDF, EPUB, and website

  • Automated workflow to distribute audiobook files to all required endpoints, along with reformatting metadata as needed

  • Ebook workflow assessment and recommendations for file and workflow improvements

  • Conversion script to extract text and images from PDF and create .docx and XML files

  • Single-source toolchain for novels

  • Needs assessment for book and documentation production workflows

  • Live virtual training sessions

  • In-person training sessions

  • Custom text design templates