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Hederis is a cloud-based book production and design platform, providing state-of-the-art tools to publishers of every size. No longer reserved just for the biggest publishers with the biggest budgets, our combination of automation with hands-on design and layout tools is the evolution of our work with publishers throughout the industry.

Our goal is to help you own your book production workflow without needing to make a huge financial investment or become a technology guru.

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How it works

With Hederis, you can upload a Microsoft Word manuscript file, and get professionally laid-out print and ebook files in a flash. Our design and layout interface allows you to create beautiful, custom book designs for every project. Adjust your page layout right in the browser, and automatically export to PDF, EPUB, Kindle-optimized EPUB, HTML, and an up-to-date Microsoft Word file that includes all your changes.

The Hederis app has two modes:

Galley & Digital

Galley & Digital mode is for folks who need a quick watermarked PDF to send to reviewers or to create bound galleys, or for folks who just want to make a beautiful, accessible, valid ebook (or both!).


Typesetting mode is geared towards the full book production process, and includes extra tools for all the fine-tuning that goes into creating final print files, like adjusting line breaks and page breaks.

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Hederis is designed to work with your whole team:


Our tools are built by publishing professionals who understand publishing workflows and the challenges that new technology can bring.

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A simple interface, that guides you through the process

Our app is built specifically for books, with workflow suggestions, tips, and links to documentation built-in.

Help with manuscript tagging

Hederis applies a first round of tags to your manuscript text, to help you with the styling process.

In-app text editing

Make text edits directly in the Hederis app, and they’ll sync automatically to the page layouts.

Get an accurate page count in minutes

Running long or short? Quickly adjust page margins, line heights, font sizes, or any other design setting, so that you can hit your target page count.

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Hederis is different from most automation tools: we give you complete control over your book layout and design, so there’s no need to sacrifice quality.

An image of the Hederis app project dashboard
Live preview of your design and text changes

Unlike other automated systems, Hederis shows you exactly what your PDF will look like, so that you can create book designs without any guesswork.

Use design templates, or create a custom design for each book

Design templates can be a big time-saver, and can give a shared visual feel to books within a series or imprint. With Hederis, you can share design templates between any book, customize a template, or create a completely new design with no constraints.

Standard design tools

Master pages, hyphenation controls, custom fonts, OpenType, and more: We’ve got everything you expect in a design tool.

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We keep track of the different technical requirements for each book format, so that you can focus on getting your books out the door.

An image of just a few of the Hederis app export settings
Create PDF, EPUB, HTML, and Microsoft Word

We provide all the standard output files for you to print and distribute your book, plus an HTML version that you can use to share excerpts on your website, and an up-to-date Microsoft Word file, so that you always have the latest version of the text.

Born-accessible ebooks

Born-accessible ebooks: Our ebooks come with standard accessibility features out-of-the-box, so that book-lovers of all types can enjoy your titles. Learn more here.

File validation

PDF validation tools to check for missing fonts, layout errors, and a growing list of other issues. Plus, the industry-standard EPUB validator—EPUBCheck—is built-in.

Adjust page breaks and line breaks to your liking

(Typesetting mode only) Unlike most automation systems, Hederis gives you tools to fix bad breaks right in the browser so you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

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Team Management

Our tools can fit into existing workflows, or can pave the way for you to streamline your process, and with our extensive learning resources and knowledgeable support team, you never have to feel like you’re on your own.

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As many users as you want, for no extra fees

Pay only for the number of books you need to make, with no hidden fees or subscriptions. Learn more about our pricing.


Create a group for your imprint or company, and organize all your books with your group. Groups can share fonts, design templates, and billing information.


no software to download or maintain. Sign up in the cloud, create a group, and invite internal staff and external freelancers to join your group for no extra fees. Invite individual users to collaborate on specific book projects as needed.

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How does Hederis compare to InDesign?

Hederis Apps InDesign
Designed specifically for book publishing  
Export to PDF
Export to EPUB
Export to HTML
Export to Kindle-optimized ebook  
Export to Microsoft Word (.docx)  
Easily collaborate with anyone at your organization inside the app  
Custom font support
Integrated EPUBCHECK validation  
Automatic style tagging  
Sync text edits to designed files  
User support  
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